Jessica Schmidt

Managing Director, Salo Compass™ Program

Jessica Schmidt is managing director of Salo Compass™, a rotational program designed to help public accounting professionals transition to industry. Since joining Salo in 2018, Jess has been instrumental in growing Compass to its current vibrancy. An active CPA, Jess has deep knowledge about the professional challenges in her field and is driven to help others propel their careers forward while expanding the Salo Compass program nationally.

Jess began her career at Deloitte, where she managed both public and privately held clients in a wide range of industries and was involved in recruiting and career development. She also was accepted into Deloitte’s National Office Management Development Program, where she developed national course training materials.

Following Deloitte, Jess joined U.S. Bancorp Corporate Audit Services, where she led talent management processes and supported bank-wide DEI, training, campus recruitment and leadership efforts.

Jess has a B.A. in accounting and business administration from the University of Jamestown. She and her husband live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where they enjoy cheering on their two boys in a variety of sports and activities.