Adam Sprecher

Adam Sprecher

Chief Growth Officer/Salo Advisory Lead

Adam Sprecher plays a pivotal role in the growth and vision of Salo. Currently, he holds two important roles: Chief Growth Officer and Salo Advisory™. In his role as Chief Growth Officer, Adam takes Salo’s growth strategies from conception to execution. His focus on growth includes expanding tools and systems for our teams and driving efficiency through key business processes, both which lead to finding Salo’s consultants more meaningful work. In his role as Salo Advisory lead, Adam is using his expertise to develop our Salo Advisory practice (where c-level consultants partner with executives and board members).

When Adam joined Salo in 2007 as a business development director (BDD), he hit the ground running. He became the first BDD in Salo’s HR practice to achieve more than $3 million in annual revenue billed. Over the years, he has held several other leadership and business development roles at Salo, including managing director and director of business operations.

Before joining Salo, Adam managed recruiting programs for organizations such as Ameriprise Financial, UnitedHealth Group, and Thrivent. For Ameriprise, he was responsible for an end-to-end recruitment program, where he led a team of 55 recruiters, sourcers, and support staff members.

Adam’s passionate and focused approach to his career translates seamlessly into work with the community. He has lent his talents to the Board for the Minnesota Recruiters and the school board of Aspen Academy.  He was also the president of the Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church Congregational Council. During his tenure as president, he led and successfully negotiated a $10.1 million mortgage modification with their mortgage lender and provided leadership while they searched for a new senior pastor.

Adam has a B.A. in marketing from Augsburg College. Adam lives in Savage, Minnesota with his wife and three children. He loves coaching baseball and being the best dance dad he can be.