Success Stories

The consultant went above and beyond

Salo Compass® is our rotational program for up-and-coming public accountants who want to move into industry. Participants rotate between different organizations, gaining valuable career experience and helping each client succeed.

About the client

The CFO at a consumer brand agency—who had worked with Compass consultants at previous companies—needed someone to fill in when the agency’s controller went on maternity leave.

Engagement and impact

While the controller was on leave, the agency needed someone to work with the accounting team, management, the PE firm, and a newly acquired company to keep things moving forward. A Compass consultant—who hadn’t sat in a controller seat before—was excited to step in and help. When asked for feedback on the consultant’s performance, the CFO said the Compass consultant went above and beyond. The PE partners and the leadership team said she did a great job.

Client feedback

The CFO had this to say:

“[Compass] is really great. It’s not only a great opportunity for people leaving public; it’s great for an employer, too. The technical strength that you get—there’s a level of rigor from those people who are coming out of public.”

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