Success Stories

Preparing a startup for success

Salo Expert™ matches senior experts in finance, accounting, and HR with organizations that need their help. Together, they tackle tough challenges, clean up messes, make strategic breakthroughs, and help every client get ahead.


A rapidly growing start-up company came to Salo because they didn’t have any financial processes or in-house expertise to build them. They needed help to establish financial systems to accommodate their needs today and support their future growth.


The Salo expert consultant on this project has experience as a CFO and specializes in working with small to mid-sized organizations. He worked approximately one day a week to help get the company’s financial processes up and running.


Salo’s consultant started by assessing what needed to be done and prioritizing the work. He helped the company with a wide variety of tasks—from setting up their invoicing and cash management processes to helping them establish relationships with bankers and insurers. And, when COVID hit, he helped the client apply (and receive) a PPP loan.

Throughout the engagement, the consultant has spent time with the business owners, helping them understand the finance side of the business. Although the heavy lifting is done and permanent finance employees have been hired, the Salo consultant continues to work with the client as an advisor.

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