Success Stories

It all started with system implementation help …

Salo Expert™ matches senior experts in finance, accounting, and HR with organizations that need their help. Together, they tackle tough challenges, clean up messes, make strategic breakthroughs, and accomplish the client’s business goals. 


Spoiler alert: This is one of those stories that starts out scary, but everything turns out well in the end.

It all started when a private equity-owned consumer packaged goods company (approximately $1B in revenues) implemented a new finance system. Unfortunately, after all the time and effort to get the system up and running, there were issues. Primarily, the system’s reporting was limited, manual, and work-intensive.

To make matters worse, staff turnover led to confusion around responsibilities that were not identified at the onset of the project.


Salo sent an expert with expertise in financial reporting, systems, and FP&A to help get things back on track.

Although the engagement started with a specified project, eventually the client asked the consultant to work full time. Our Salo expert absorbed the responsibilities of several individuals who left the organization—working on several initiatives around budgeting, forecasting, and reporting on sales.


The Salo consultant helped the client make significant strides in a number of areas of financial reporting—from providing insight on KPIs to improve the operational strategies to developing new financial reporting that enabled strategic decision-making. The client, who has used other firms in the past, remarked at the superior quality and outcomes in working with Salo. All’s well that ends well.

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