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Getting global alignment on payroll technology

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The client, a global publicly held company, needed someone to facilitate corporate discussion about payroll technology with a group of stakeholders from countries around the world. The client was looking for someone with:

  • Experience in payroll systems as well as HRIS technology implementations in general
  • The ability to facilitate discussions and control a large room of professionals
  • Subject-matter expertise and knowledge of best practices across multiple functional areas in HR


Our Salo expert consultant facilitated a two-day workshop with the team and provided summary documentation.


During the workshop, the Salo expert helped the team:

  • Outline each of their current state business processes (e.g., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, benefits, payroll, compensation, performance management, and termination)
  • Design swim-lane documentation to illustrate future-state processes based on the current state and desired improvements
  • Organize, prioritize, and assign change impacts and action items to the appropriate resources
  • Collaborate with the vendor to determine processes for moving forward
  • Assign key contacts for each of the outstanding action items with clear due dates and responsibilities
  • Develop a change management framework to keep the project on track and people accountable

The consultant kept the worldwide group highly engaged. As a result, they aligned on business decisions, identified requirements for a successful implementation, and ensured the vendor was clear on how to support the organization while delivering the new technology.

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Nikki Broderick
Nikki Broderick

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