Success Stories

Compass was a perfect fit

Salo Compass® is our rotational program for up-and-coming public accountants who want to move into industry. Participants rotate between different organizations, gaining valuable career experience and helping each client succeed.

About the client

The financial reporting senior manager at an IT company has a background in public accounting. When his team needs extra help, he prefers to bring on Compass consultants. During the past couple of years, the client hired Compass consultants to help with systems, new accounting pronouncements, and financial reporting related to acquisitions.

Engagement and impact

Most recently, the client had turnover on his team, and they were approaching year-end. Although the client wanted to hire a full-time staff role eventually, he needed an experienced professional to clean things up and get through the complexity of reporting. And, that resource needed to be someone autonomous—a person who needed absolutely no hand-holding. The Compass consultant came in, got things cleaned up, and set up the new hire for success.

Client feedback

When asked for feedback after bringing on a third Compass consultant, the financial reporting senior manager lauded the consultant’s willingness to help in any way, and how the Compass consultant respectfully identified opportunities where things could be done differently. Additionally, he said:

“I very much like Compass; have had a great experience with it. We’re 3 for 3. The [most recent] Compass member was a perfect fit for getting us through the year-end high priority items.”

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