Success Stories

Compass® consultants provide immediate relief

Salo Compass is  our rotational program for up-and-coming public accountants who want to move into industry. Participants rotate between different organizations, gaining valuable career experience and helping each client succeed.

About the client

A manufacturing company that has brought on multiple Compass consultants over the years called Salo when they needed extra help on key projects.

Engagement and impact

The company was building out the finance team while simultaneously implementing a new system. To succeed, the finance director needed two resources who understood accounting. After working on the project, the company hired one consultant for a full-time role. The other consultant helped lead the system implementation. She worked across functions to ensure the rollout served all purposes and helped train the accounting team on the new system.

Client feedback

When asked about Compass, the finance director said:

“We are extremely pleased with the candidates you’ve been providing, in terms of their skillset and how they’ve been able to come in and really provide immediate relief. They catch on quickly. They are good candidates, and you’re matching them up really well from our perspective. There’s a good fit with our culture and environment and team. The Compass members are thriving and doing fantastic work. I couldn’t be happier with the Compass Program and the candidates. Continue to do what you’re doing. You’re doing it right.”

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Want to learn more about Salo Compass? Contact: Jessica Schmidt

Managing Director, Salo Compass Program