Success Stories

Building trust while building a training program

Salo Expert™ matches senior experts in finance, accounting, and HR with organizations that need their help. Together, they tackle tough challenges, clean up messes, make strategic breakthroughs, and accomplish the client’s business goals. 


A student loan collections and guarantor developed a software as a service (SAS) tool to facilitate loan collection. When one of its competitors became a software client, implementing the tool and training the end-client’s employees became a bit awkward.


The software provider brought in a Salo expert to build the training program to present to the end-client’s employees. At first, the end client was a bit resistant and wanted to do their own training. The Salo consultant built trust and connection over time, eventually winning the software client’s confidence—all while working remotely.


Our Salo expert was able to complete the training program while managing the potentially tense relationship between the software provider and its client. Fortunately, the training went well and, with help from our consultant—the relationship between the two companies has improved considerably.

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