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Boosting business value before a sale

Salo Advisory™ pairs CEOs, c-level executives, and board members with advisors who have c-level experience. From general mentoring to targeted executive initiatives, our advisors provide expert insights that help leaders and their organizations thrive. 


A mid-sized construction firm was operating as 40 independent operating units with 15,000 employees. The CEO wanted to prepare the business for sale by consolidating the operating model and creating a shared service platform for HR and finance.


Salo’s advisor started by conducting an assessment to understand the current and future state of the organization and its capabilities. After the assessment, the advisor made significant improvements to the organization’s strategy—creating a new organizational structure, redefining leadership capabilities, and recommending key technology upgrades (which resulted in a single business platform). When implemented, these recommendations increased the company’s valuation.


Within months of completing this transformational project, the firm had a successful exit event. The advisor’s work played an important part in the successful sale.

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Adam Sprecher
Adam Sprecher

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