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Assessment leads to business transformation

Salo Advisory™ pairs CEOs, c-level executives, and board members with advisors who have c-level experience. From general mentoring to targeted executive initiatives, our advisors provide expert insights that help leaders and their organizations thrive. 


The CEO of a mid-sized engineering firm needed a strategy/organizational design expert to ensure the success of an aggressive multi-year business plan.


The Salo advisor—a former c-suite executive—partnered with the CEO and CFO to review the organization’s readiness to grow. Work included a robust assessment, structured interviews, and best practice research. The solution was a revised strategy which led to a complete redesign of the finance department and capabilties.


The Salo advisor hit a home run. The revised strategy was implemented leading to stronger finance processes, scorecards, and technology. The work was so effective, the CEO asked the same advisor to return to transform the legal department.

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Adam Sprecher
Adam Sprecher

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