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A new tool makes pricing decisions easy

Salo Expert™ matches senior experts in finance, accounting, and HR with organizations that need their help. Together, they tackle tough challenges, clean up messes, make strategic breakthroughs, and accomplish the client’s business goals. 


A private manufacturing organization in Minneapolis had a small division operating in the Southeast U.S. with a new leader. The company wanted to provide the new leader with the tools to make accurate pricing decisions.


Salo provided an onsite, full-time expert consultant. She worked with the organization to define the tool requirements, build an easy-to-use dashboard, and help the team learn how to use it.


The new dashboard helps the out-of-state leader calculate the correct cost of the materials to make pricing decisions. With an effective tool to better understand costs, the new leader can price products with confidence.

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Anne Loughrey
Anne Loughrey

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