Success Stories

Compass®: A knack for finding the good ones

Salo Compass is our rotational program for up-and-coming public accountants who want to move into industry. Participants rotate between different organizations, gaining valuable career experience and helping each client succeed.

About the client

The assistant controller at a financial services organization had experience with Compass. The company had engaged Compass participants in the past and also hired a Compass participant into a full-time role.

Engagement and impact

Two Compass consultants joined the client team helping with projects related to accounting and financial reporting. After a few months, when an employee at the organization got promoted, they hired one of the Compass consultants to fill the vacant full-time role. They also continued assigning additional projects to the other Compass consultant.

Client feedback

The assistant controller said:

“Compass has been great. You have great talent. Compass just seems to be very consistent, very high caliber. We’ve hired Compass into both contracting and full-time positions. We need to be recruiting the types of candidates you have. You have a knack for finding the good ones.”

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Managing Director, Salo Compass Program