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Leading an HRIS project from RFP to implementation

A Salo consultant successfully guided a packaged goods company through their entire HRIS project.

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Audit prep: A senior accountant to the rescue

A Salo expert helped a company clean up their books before an impending audit.

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A global company gets a handle on cost accounting

Our Salo expert assessed current processes and designed a plan for the future.

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Compass® consultants provide immediate relief

Compass consultants helped a manufacturer implement a system and build a team.

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Boosting business value before a sale

Our c-suite advisor provided analysis and strategic insights to help a client team prepare to sell the company.

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Change management and training on the double!

Halfway through implementing an HR system, a client realized they needed help. That’s when our consultant stepped in.

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It all started with system implementation help …

When a client was left short-staffed, a Salo expert was asked to pitch in on many finance initiatives.

Setting up a sustainable finance function

At a family-owned business, it was time to formalize finance activities.

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Building trust while building a training program

When an HR expert built a training plan, building trust was critical.

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An HR consultant makes an impact … everywhere!

People strategy, the intranet, culture, and more—a Salo HR expert did it all.

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A new tool makes pricing decisions easy

Salo’s expert created a tool to help a new leader make better pricing decisions.

Assessment leads to business transformation

Was our client’s organization prepared for growth? One of our c-suite advisors helped them figure it out.

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Strengthening a non-profit board of directors

The chair of a non-profit board engaged one of our c-suite advisors to help increase board effectiveness.

The consultant went above and beyond

When a controller went on maternity leave, a Compass consultant stepped in.

Compass was a perfect fit

A Compass consultant helped an IT company through a transition.

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Compass®: A knack for finding the good ones

Two Compass consultants tackle accounting and reporting projects at a financial services organization.

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Remote controller saves the day

When their controller left, a real estate management company needed urgent help from Salo.

Building an HR function from scratch

When two big companies set up a joint venture, they needed help setting up the HR function.


A start-up gets a taste of HR expertise

When a food blog side-gig turned into a full-time business, HR expertise was part of the recipe for success.

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Making the case for payroll technology updates

A client needed help justifying a tech upgrade, our consultant helped them get the green light.

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Non-profit payroll implementation success

A team of four Salo consultants helped this retail client get the payroll system they needed.

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Getting global alignment on payroll technology

A Salo consultant led a worldwide workshop to help a multinational organization get aligned on HRIS technology.

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Finding the right tech vendor

When a client wanted to ensure a fair/equitable vendor search, our consultant led the whole process.

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Preparing a startup for success

A rapidly growing startup needed better financial processes and we had just the right expert to get them set up.

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Finance department revamp

When a company realized their finance department needed a major overhaul, they turned to Salo for support.

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A fresh start for finance

After a CFO left, a client realized their accounting records were a mess. A Salo consultant came to the rescue.

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Salo connects senior finance, accounting, and HR professionals with organizations that need their expertise. Joining Korn Ferry’s Interim Executive & Professional practice enables us to continue our twofold, people-focused approach: connecting people with meaningful careers where they can make a positive impact and offering innovative and customized business solutions for clients looking to tackle big challenges. Together with Korn Ferry, we are committed to putting people first, to build a world that works better together.

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Explore meaningful careers

Salo specializes in connecting finance, accounting, and HR experts with meaningful work. We know that being empowered to pursue work that matters means endless career possibilities. Therefore, we find roles tailored to your interests and goals, whether you want to advance your career, mentor and lead teams, innovate and collaborate with new partners, or work with clients of all sizes across industries. Find out how we can be your career partners.

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Combining Korn Ferry’s global reach with Salo’s customized client approach means we’re able to deliver world-class service to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Because our people have functional backgrounds in finance, accounting, and HR, we have a holistic understanding of your business needs and challenges. Our pool of executive and professional talent is uniquely motivated to do the best work they can. No matter your business talent need, we are your trusted partner.

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