Using Salo’s People-first Manager Index (PMFI)

So, how do you evaluate managers effectively? Ask the people who know the most about them: Employees and the managers themselves. And, Salo has designed a tool—the PMFI—to help you do it. Salo’s PMFI tool includes worksheets that ask managers and the employees similar questions. Getting feedback from both sides on the same topic helps organizations identify disconnects and highlight innovative practices. Put together, the results lead to create a plan to improve manager-employee relationships across your organization.

The PMFI also includes a scoring guideline to help organizations assess management trends throughout your team. Whether you use this tool regularly or annually—for one manager or for every manager in your organization—the PMFI gives your team a voice in positive change.

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The form for managers

Ask your managers to complete this form about their work.

Dowload the manager form

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The form for employees

Ask employees to complete this form about their managers.

Download the employee form

Be ready to listen and ready to act

The PMFI is only the beginning. The real work starts when you put the PMFI findings into action. Show your employees and manager that you’re invested in their development by:

  • Following up with results and action items
  • Making changes based on employees’ input
  • Supporting your managers as they grow


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