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Want a great candidate experience? Read Adam Sprecher’s SIA article

Adam Sprecher, Salo’s vice president of strategy and development, recently authored an article titled “Great candidate experiences balance technology and human interaction.”

The article appears on The Staffing Stream—the prominent staffing industry thought leadership site from SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts).  

According to Adam, “As recruiters and staffing professionals, we need to focus on improving the candidate experience—from the first sign of interest to onboarding. The key is striking the right balance between technology and human interaction throughout the hiring/placement process.”

In the article, Adam discusses five key ways to make candidate experiences exceptional:

  • Use technology to enhance the candidate experience
  • Make human interactions a priority
  • Keep candidates updated
  • Consider onboarding part of the candidate experience
  • Enhance employee engagement

Read the full article—”Great candidate experiences balance technology and human interaction”—on The Staffing Stream from SIA.