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Talkin’ about an evolution

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It’s a big day at Salo. May 20 has been circled on our calendars for months. And here we are! After hundreds of hours of work—creative collaborations, innovative thinking, and determination—today is the day we get to tell you about the exciting things we’ve been working on at Salo.

How it all started

It’s no secret that last year was a year like no other. Reality changed in an instant. Our communities struggled. People we care about lost work and job prospects. And, along with countless other companies, our plans for Salo’s future were upended.

But difficult circumstances often lead to inspired opportunities.

Like many organizations and individuals, we took time to re-evaluate what we wanted “to be” as a company going forward in the new, ever-changing world. We examined our values, our purpose, and our services. We considered how we could serve you—the members of our extended family—our consultants, clients, and community partners. And we came up with a new plan to be the best we can be.

We’re making it (more) meaningful

The theme of all of our explorations was this: Helping others find meaningful, fulfilling work is what energizes us. Making a difference for others has always been Salo’s mission, but we wanted to figure out how we could do it even better, for even more people.

So, (drumroll please) here’s how we’re changing things up:

  • Evolved purpose: Our new purpose is to “build a world that works better together.” It’s a more focused commitment to helping organizations and individuals work together in fulfilling, meaningful ways. We’ll do that through our services, our thought leadership, and our community contributions.
  • Updated brand: We modernized our brand to better reflect our personality—and yours! We wanted to demonstrate the breadth of our rich, diverse community. We have a new logo, imagery, colors, and new tagline: Make It Meaningful™, which reflects our focus on how meaningful work leads to meaningful lives and meaningful change.
  • National expansion: We started in Minneapolis and expanded to Chicago. Then in recent years, we started to get inquiries from other places. It grew and grew. So, in an effort to bring Meaningful Experiences™ to more people, we put infrastructure in place to connect talent and organizations from coast-to-coast. We’ll be starting national brand campaigns to create more opportunities for our consultants and clients alike.
  • New (and improved) services: Our infrastructure updates will improve our existing consulting and search services (which all have shiny new trademarked names: Salo Expert™ and Salo Compass™). In addition, we’re introducing Salo Advisory™—a new service that supports c-level executives and board leaders by pairing them with consultants who have c-level and board leadership experience.

Although it might feel like a new beginning, it’s really an evolution. We’re still the same Salo, with the same values, and the same passion for your success. This is just another leg of the amazing journey Salo’s been on for 18 years.

Join our evolution

We want you to be as energized about your work as we are about ours. When people are passionate about their work, there’s a ripple effect—people around them get excited, teams do better work, lives improve, and businesses thrive.

So, if you’re interested in:

  • Challenging work that energizes you
  • Working with people who bring you joy
  • Sharing your passion
  • Finding freedom, flexibility, and choice in your career
  • Growing your career or company
  • Making an impact, again and again

It’s all possible. Let us help you Make it Meaningful.™

Lisa Brezonik, CEO
Lisa Brezonik, CEO

Lisa Brezonik