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Salo recognized as Best in Nation, earns Choose People seal of approval for having happiest employees

hr interim managerStaffing industry leader Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks earned national recognition today as a Choose People Company – a highly discerning and scientifically validated certification that identifies companies where employees feel good about coming to work.

The Choose People certification and red seal of approval immediately distinguishes Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks as a firm that cares about its employees. Choose People is the common thread that ties good consumers and happy employees to great companies, which ultimately strengthens the larger social fabric and promotes economic sustainability.

“Companies like Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond their workplace,” said Kris Boesch, Founder of Choose People. “We all know that work doesn’t stay at work, so when companies make their corporate culture better for employees, they make the world a better place to live.”

According to a recent research report by advertising giant Golin-Harris, the top driver of a company’s reputation is how they treat their workers. When you consider a business’ reputation largely determines its success, there is a strong business case for keeping employees happy.

“People want to buy into companies that do the right thing,” says Boesch. “Today’s consumers, investors and business partners want to put their money where their values are, and employees want to apply their talents and energy where they know they will be valued – like at Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks.”

Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks helps companies evolve by connecting people. Businesses that struggle to build the right depth of talent in finance, accounting and HR call on Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks to build that depth. As an innovative staffing firm, they have tapped into the workplace shift that rejects rigid models in exchange for a flexible approach that enables professionals to work when, where and how they want—but still receive top benefits and recognition.

“We are excited to have worked with Choose People on this new initiative and to be recognized as a pioneer for promoting employee satisfaction,” said Craig Dexheimer, Director of Operations and Administration at Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks. “Our firm prides itself on innovation and making work an enjoyable place to be. We look to our new Choose People certification as an integral piece to ensure that we are a continued employer of choice.”

Choose People’s statistically robust certification measurement tool used to evaluate employee satisfaction is based on an eight-dimension psychometrics scale and is empirically validated.

Choose People partnered with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins to construct and validate its Employee Organizational Perceptions (EOP) survey, which measures if employees feel good about coming to work.

The Choose People nomination process is open year round to qualifying organizations with ten or more employees. Links to certified businesses like Salo/Oberon/NumberWorks, as well as job openings at these companies, are available at

Fort Collins, Colorado-based Choose People, LLC, is a nationwide certification that recognizes companies where employees feel good about coming to work. Choose People provides companies a way to leverage their happy-employee reputation with socially conscientious consumers and future employees in the competitive marketplace. Founded in 2010 by Kris Boesch, Choose People is the common thread that ties good consumers, great companies and happy employees together, which ultimately strengthens the larger social fabric and promotes economic sustainability. For more information about how to nominate, support or work for a Choose People company, visit

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Salo connects senior finance, accounting, and HR professionals with organizations that need their expertise. Joining Korn Ferry’s Interim Executive & Professional practice enables us to continue our twofold, people-focused approach: connecting people with meaningful careers where they can make a positive impact and offering innovative and customized business solutions for clients looking to tackle big challenges. Together with Korn Ferry, we are committed to putting people first, to build a world that works better together.

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Salo specializes in connecting finance, accounting, and HR experts with meaningful work. We know that being empowered to pursue work that matters means endless career possibilities. Therefore, we find roles tailored to your interests and goals, whether you want to advance your career, mentor and lead teams, innovate and collaborate with new partners, or work with clients of all sizes across industries. Find out how we can be your career partners.

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Combining Korn Ferry’s global reach with Salo’s customized client approach means we’re able to deliver world-class service to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Because our people have functional backgrounds in finance, accounting, and HR, we have a holistic understanding of your business needs and challenges. Our pool of executive and professional talent is uniquely motivated to do the best work they can. No matter your business talent need, we are your trusted partner.

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