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New Partnership: National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)

At Salo, we believe diversity is a human imperative, not a business need. We also know that when diversity thrives, so does business. As a result, we’ve been partnering with organizations committed to diversity and inclusion to see how we can help drive positive change.

About the NBMBAA
The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) is the premier Black professional organization in the U.S. The association has a broad nationwide reach with 40 chapters nationwide, 40,000 field professionals in their network, and more than 14,000 active members. The Twin Cities chapter alone boasts 200 members, most of them coming from fields such as finance, retail, and education. Most members have a decade or more of experience in their fields.

Why we partnered with NBMBAA
“With these partnerships, we’re looking for organizations where we can be truly involved and help folks,” says Jon Cermak, senior talent connection manager. “With NBMBAA, we have opportunities to participate in events and get involved directly with the community.”

One of our biggest goals for partnering with NBMBAA is to provide more awareness to the Black community about consulting careers.

“In the initial months of our partnership with NBMBAA, we are there to share what a lifestyle in consulting could be like,” says Colleen Frankwitz, talent connection director. “We provide access to a different career path that some attendees may not have thought of before. Our hope is to build relationships and provide what we do best: career advice and general coaching and advisement. We’re doing what Salo has intended to do all along: to be a great community partner and advocate.”

What we’ve learned so far
Recently Salo team members attended the NBMBAA’s Virtual Career Fair to help share that message. Along with other NBMBAA members, they answered questions live via Zoom, presented to the audience, and connected with professionals.

Our team gathered a lot of tangible insights from their connections at the Career Fair, including how members are reflecting on their current roles and companies they work for. “A lot of people are looking to make a career change. They’re hesitant about being in the office and looking for organizations with flexibility,” said Nichole Kieffer, talent connection manager.

These insights from Black management professionals nationwide reinforce key trends Salo has been seeing in the market for months. Employers who can listen to their employees and offer solutions and opportunities that fit their needs—like flexibility, career transparency, and more—will be able to attract and retain the top talent.

Going forward
The partnership with NBMBAA has already had a powerful effect on Salo and its employees, reaffirming that our DE&I initiatives are not only important for our employees, but also for our communities and organizations. NBMBAA will continue to be a critical network for us to authentically connect with as we develop a diverse and equitable workforce nationwide.

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