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Lisa Brezonik, CEO

Our CEO, Lisa Brezonik, recently contributed an article to (a prominent thought leader and networking resource in the recruiting industry).

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Article synopsis

“The Great Resignation” or “turnover tsunami” is a threatening trend for employers everywhere. But the turnover tsunami—although it might be stressful in the short term—is not all bad. This “crisis” is actually an exciting opportunity for organizations and individuals.

For organizations, this is a chance for reinvention—becoming a people-first workplace. Focusing on factors that:

  • Improve employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Build community and workplace culture
  • Create flexible, innovative career paths and working arrangements

For individuals, the Great Resignation is a time for people to take charge of their careers, by:

  • Exploring what they want from their career
  • Advocating for themselves in their current roles
  • Looking for organizations that offer people-first workplace cultures

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