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Read Lisa Brezonik’s thoughts on the future of work in Authority Magazine

Lisa Brezonik, CEOSalo’s CEO, Lisa Brezonik, recently sat down with Phil La Duke from Authority Magazine to talk about the state of the work today and the trends shaping the workplace of tomorrow.

The article, “Preparing for the future of work: Lisa Brezonik of Salo on the top five trends to watch in the future of work,” covers a lot of ground.

During the interview, Lisa answers a variety of questions, including:

  • What do you expect to be the major disruptions for employers in the next 10–15 years?
  • How do job seekers have to change their approaches to find employment that fits their talents and interests?
  • What societal changes do you foresee as necessary to support the fundamental changes to work?
  • Do you see the trend to work remotely continuing?
  • What changes do you think will be the most difficult for employers to accept?
  •  What is your greatest source of optimism about the future of work?

She also provides insights around her “Top 5 trends to watch in the future of work,” which are:

  1. The future of work is people-centered
  2. Creating bottom-up and top-down strategic planning
  3. Balance of human interaction and technology
  4. The shifting DNA of the new leader
  5. Taking care of the whole person

Read the full article on Authority Magazine to find out more.