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Lisa Brezonik’s tips for being a standout staffing firm and more

Salo CEO Lisa Brezonik was recently interviewed about uncertain times in the staffing industry by

Lisa Brezonik, CEOThe interview questions included:

  • What are the three things that will differentiate top-performing staffing companies from others?
  • What are the most helpful tools to make your recruiters more efficient?
  • What tools or best practices do you implement to ensure an outstanding experience for your clients when working with your firm?

Lisa’s answers included insights around:

  • Helping people do work they love
  • Prioritizing relationships over transactions
  • Becoming a People-first workplace
  • The importance of values, a good reputation, and a positive employee experience
  • How the employee experience impacts the client experience

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About Salo

Salo is a national talent firm focused on making work meaningful. We connect vetted experts in finance, accounting, and HR with organizations who need their expertise. We put people first in everything we do, because we believe when people are empowered and inspired, amazing things happen. Organizations get the confidence and capacity to turn possibility into progress, while our experts get careers that are fulfilling and flexible.