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Diving into diversity recruiting with Twin Cities Recruitment Exchange

By: Graham Severson, Business Development Coordinator

Recruitment leaders from over 20 local companies gathered at Salo to discuss an increasingly important topic in HR: diversity recruiting.

The event was organized by the Twin Cities Recruitment Exchange (TCRE), an exclusive forum for senior Twin  Cities recruitment leaders to collectively review market trends, discuss industry advancements, and share best practices with other recruitment and talent advancement thought leaders.

I connected with Salo’s Senior Business Development Director Maura Howard to learn more about the history of TCRE.

“The Twin Cities Recruitment Exchange was created to provide recruiting leaders a forum to network and collaborate. Talent acquisition has become more dynamic and exciting than ever before. We offer an exclusive environment for leaders to share best practices and learn from one another,” said Maura, who leads the group.

Last week’s event was an excellent example of the collaborative environment TCRE has worked to create

The group invited LaChelle Drayton and Ouraphone Willis, diversity recruitment leaders at UnitedHealth Group, to share their methodology behind UHG’s successful diversity recruitment strategy. They said a targeted appro ach, with an emphasis on providing a quality candidate experience, creates the best diversity recruitment strategy.

“Diversity and inclusion are big topics that we are all discussing,” said Elisabeth Dittmann, Salo Business Development Director. “Hearing the wins that other organizations have had with creating veteran career fairs and using translation tools for military, as well as, which forums have the most ROI will be wins for us all.”

Developing relationships and partnerships with local organizations is also a key element in creating an effective strategy according to LaChelle and Ouraphone. They led a group discussion to offer solutions to the various challenges that others have experienced in their own diversity recruitment activities.

“TCRE allows members to not only gather information on relevant topics to the talent acquisition market today, but also learn from your peers and take an opportunity to brainstorm with your peer group,” said Elisabeth.

If you are a recruitment leader in the Twin Cities interested in connecting with like-minded peers, click here to email me and learn more about the Twin Cities Recruitment Exchange.