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Amy Langer discusses founding Salo and the evolution of hybrid work on the By All Means podcast

Amy LangerSalo’s co-founder and co-owner, Amy Langer, talks about her career, Salo’s beginnings, and the future of hybrid work in a new episode of the By All Means podcast.

Throughout the podcast, Amy talks about the principles she and John Folkestad (Salo’s other co-founder and co-owner) established when they founded Salo, including:

  • Giving professionals flexible career options (long before hybrid work was a trend)
  • Prioritizing relationships before transactions (even if it meant losing a deal)
  • Focusing on the employee’s needs

She also talks about the future of hybrid and flexible work and why it’s important.

Listen to the episode.

About the podcast

The By All Means podcast is produced by Twin Cities Business Monthly. It tells the stories behind beloved Minnesota brands.

About Salo

Salo creates meaningful experiences for our clients and consultants throughout the United States. When we connect an expert in finance, accounting, or HR with an organization, we propel both forward. Together they realize bold ideas, tackle tough challenges, and make an impact—leading to successful business outcomes and fulfilling careers. Our team has received numerous national awards and recognition for culture and leadership.