Audio: [Music] Let’s get to work
Visual: Spinning Salo Logo mark that gets larger and transitions to open to a new screen.

Visual: Various still images animate and transition throughout the video

Audio: Time to challenge old assumptions and build a world that works better together.
Visual: Text on screen “Build a world that works better together”. “Together” is in a different color.

Audio: It starts with empowering people because when people are inspired and engaged at work

Audio: incredible things happen,
Visual: Text on screen “Incredible”

Audio: businesses advance,
Visual: Text on screen “Advance”

Audio: obstacles are overcome,
Visual: Text on screen “Overcome”

Audio: communities are strengthened,
Visual: Text on screen “Strengthened”

Audio: days have deeper purpose,
Visual: Text on screen “Purpose”

Audio: work is meaningful.

Audio: Sound lofty?
Visual: Text on screen “Sound lofty?”

Audio: It is.
Visual: Text on screen “It is.”

Audio: Seem impossible?
Visual: Text on screen “Impossible”

Audio: Definitely not.
Visual: Text on screen “Definitely not.”

Audio: At Salo

Audio: we believe optimism
Visual: Text on screen “Optimism”

Audio: leads to opportunity
Visual: Text on screen “Opportunity”

Audio: and anything is possible
Visual: Text on screen “Possible”

Audio: if we work together.

Audio: So let’s get to work
Visual: Text on screen “Let’s get to work.”

Audio: on redefining work.
Visual: Text on screen “Redefining Work”. Work is in a different color.

Audio: Let’s make it fulfilling.

Audio: Make it impactful.

Audio: Make it meaningful.
Visual: Text and trademark on screen “Make it MeaningfulTM

Visual: The Salo logo appears on the screen and each letter turns a different color.

Korn Ferry logo

Salo is now part of Korn Ferry

Salo connects senior finance, accounting, and HR professionals with organizations that need their expertise. Joining Korn Ferry’s Interim Executive & Professional practice enables us to continue our twofold, people-focused approach: connecting people with meaningful careers where they can make a positive impact and offering innovative and customized business solutions for clients looking to tackle big challenges. Together with Korn Ferry, we are committed to putting people first, to build a world that works better together.

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Explore meaningful careers

Salo specializes in connecting finance, accounting, and HR experts with meaningful work. We know that being empowered to pursue work that matters means endless career possibilities. Therefore, we find roles tailored to your interests and goals, whether you want to advance your career, mentor and lead teams, innovate and collaborate with new partners, or work with clients of all sizes across industries. Find out how we can be your career partners.

Looking for a meaningful career? Learn more here.

Solve business needs

Combining Korn Ferry’s global reach with Salo’s customized client approach means we’re able to deliver world-class service to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Because our people have functional backgrounds in finance, accounting, and HR, we have a holistic understanding of your business needs and challenges. Our pool of executive and professional talent is uniquely motivated to do the best work they can. No matter your business talent need, we are your trusted partner.

Looking for interim talent? Learn more here.