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We’re on a mission to make a difference

At Salo, we’re focused on building a world that works better together.

Here are examples of how our employees help our clients and consultants thrive in the workplace.


I help people rediscover joy in their careers.

Katie Gabriel, Business Development DirectorCoaching and being a sounding board for people is rewarding. It can take a long time, but I find joy in helping people decide to consult. And when they are loving it and hearing good feedback from their partner at home, that they are a different, happier person—that is, by far, the most rewarding thing I do. Being able to keep work at work and be present at home and be appreciated for work they do—it doesn’t get better than that. – Katie Gabriel, business development director

I connect people so that everyone succeeds.

Cory Johnson, Business Development DirectorI enjoy working closely with the candidate and the client. Both rely on me for information, and I try to make both of them succeed. Being able to partner with them and reach a conclusion where everyone feels fulfilled – it’s rewarding to see it come full circle. It can’t always line up on paper – that’s where the human element comes in and we do a lot of work to make sure everyone will benefit from the relationship. To see the happy candidate and have them call you up to thank you for coaching and believing in them while hearing from the client you understood the business and did a lot of work to get them the perfect person—that makes this job special. – Cory Johnson, business development director


I help people move their careers forward.

Sue Newton, Business Development DirectorThe coolest thing that I get to do is to help professionals look at their careers in a different way. Being a working mom, it has been inspiring for me to watch strong, experienced, professional women take their careers and keep them growing through consulting. I introduce them to opportunities where they are at the same level of work, but they are doing it in a different way. So many of them say, “I never thought I could do work this way and still have balance.” Being able to be a conduit for the work that keeps them going never gets old – that’s the satisfying part for me. – Sue Newton, director, national HR sales 

I connect with people to find them a perfect opportunity.

Allie Rickert, talent connection managerI meet people with no specific job in hand. I’m meeting them to network and to get to know them. What makes this so powerful is I have no agenda other than to learn what opportunities could be a fit tailored to them. I immediately think about who in my network I can connect them with to help them in their situation. I build relationships and that’s the difference. – Allie Davis, people process and enablement leader