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Want to keep your talent happy in 2023? Start here.

When it comes to talent management, the last few years have been full of disruption, experimental working environments, talent shortages, and general ups and downs. Luckily, today, the talent market seems to be settling into a tentative new normal. But that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. Talent is still your greatest asset.

So, how can you keep your talent happy in 2023? Here’s what we recommend:

Continue building connectivity within your team

No matter where your talent is—at the office, at home, or hybrid—make sure your team feels connected to the company in a meaningful way. Focusing on a company purpose, establishing an inclusive culture, listening to employees, responding to feedback, and encouraging team activities will keep everyone feeling like part of the team.
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Be clear about your culture

A great culture unites diverse people behind a common cause—the success of your business and the difference their work makes. However, every culture is unique and evolving. Have regular check-ins with your team to ensure they understand the current cultural expectations and if those expectations need to change. Make sure leaders and managers take the lead in demonstrating the company values and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.
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Help leaders become change agents

As the workplace continues to evolve, leaders need to be change agents. Today’s most successful leaders forgo command-and-control leadership for a more nimble, collaborative, and compassionate leadership style. To make real change, leaders can’t focus solely on metrics—they also need to prioritize employee development and satisfaction. It’s not an easy transition for many leaders, so companies need to plan to support leaders through the process.
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Keep an eye on legislative changes

There are a wide variety of expected legislative changes that might impact your workforce this year. The legislation on the table includes PTO, pay transparency, payroll taxes, non-competes, and more. Get ahead of the game. Prepare your team for the effects of any pending legislation in advance.
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Make communications consistent and efficient

There are so many ways to communicate with your colleagues these days—email, text, Slack, phone calls, intranet, in-person meetings, etc. When there are too many channels, employees get overwhelmed and important information can be missed. To make things easier, choose a few primary communication channels and be sure employees understand where to find the information they need.
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Manage staffing carefully

After a year of hiring frenzies, we’re starting to hear about layoffs. In uncertain economic times, making staffing decisions is harder. Do you need a permanent hire?  Should you hire a consultant, instead? Consider partnering with consultants to  help you determine the right organizational design to meet the needs of your business.
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