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Top 4 ways to be a great consultant

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This month, Salo employees gathered at our Connect & Educate event to hear a panel of finance and human resources leaders from varying industries discuss what makes a great consultant from their perspective.

Nick Nyhus (University of Minnesota Physicians), Susan Welter (Milestone AV Technologies), Bill Monahan (HB Fuller) and Sumeet Gadhoke (Wells Fargo) provided valuable insight into the ideal consultant attributes, interview process, transition planning and changes they see within their industries.

Here are the top things we learned:

Impress in the interview.

We heard our clients say they look for consultants who are curious and have done their homework about the company. Come prepared with questions and share how you can add value to their team and project. Also be confident and show your personality. Many clients use the interviews primarily to gauge how the consultant will fit within their team.

Culture fit is king.

Clients are looking for consultants who can not only provide expertise, but also fit within their teams. They’re looking for a mentor, teacher and sometimes motivator for their employees.

Own your outside perspective.

Our clients rely on consultants to question the process and provide better ways of achieving outcomes. Your focused expertise empowers you to be a change agent within the company. Some insights are easier heard coming from a consultant rather than a colleague or employee.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Be proactive in asking clients if they need additional help with projects. Above all, start the transition planning and documentation on day one. Clients may not be planning ahead for the day after a consultant leaves a project. They need your guidance in ensuring continuity and that the knowledge transfers to their teams.

Connect & Educate is our employee event series designed to expand careers, leverage employees’ expertise, and grow connections with the Salo community.