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The importance of consultants in the post-COVID workplace

era of adaptability

Consultants provide organizations with flexibility in uncertain times.

Today, we all have front-row seats to a workplace revolution. The coronavirus epidemic is forcing individuals and organizations to explore flexible work arrangements—accelerating already hot trends around remote work and consulting.

A recent report estimates that in the U.S., contingent workers (e.g., gig workers or independent consultants) will make up more than 40% of the workforce in 2020. Additionally, the report says 80% of major US-based companies plan to significantly increase their use of non-traditional jobs in the coming years.1 In short, flexible work is increasing exponentially.

We’re entering an era of adaptability

Traditionally, the gig economy has been driven by individuals who wanted more variety, freedom, and pay than traditional jobs can provide. However, with the advent of coronavirus, organizations are craving flexibility, too.

With the future uncertain, organizations are looking for ways to:

  • Work with top talent with the skills and experience to solve next-gen problems (no matter where they live)
  • Save on costs, such as office space and employee benefits
  • Get critical work done without committing to full-time workers
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

Luckily, coronavirus has proven to organizations that flexible work arrangements can work. Across multiple industries, roles, and disciplines; organizations are realizing people don’t need to be onsite or permanent employees to be impactful.

Be on the cutting edge as a consultant

If like many people, the coronavirus epidemic has prompted you to change careers, consulting is a good option to consider. Organizations will be looking for smart, experienced consulting professionals to help them survive and thrive in the coming years. Getting consulting experience now will help increase opportunities, wherever your future may take you.

At Salo, we match senior finance, accounting, and HR consultants with organizations that need their help. If you’re interested in consulting, check out what it’s like to work at Salo or reach out to us to chat.

Source: 1. Intuit; The Intuit 2020 Report


Jon Cermak

Senior Talent Connections Manager