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Should you bring your laptop on vacation? A quiz

Woman sitting in hammock and working on computer

With the COVID vaccine (eventually) coming to a clinic near you, we can (maybe!?!) start to think about… going on vacation (knock on wood, fingers crossed). Even just thinking about a break from the daily grind—in somewhere that is not part of your own house—feels slightly subversive, but it WILL HAPPEN (rub a lucky penny, wish upon a star).

However, we need to remember, things are different now. Employers know we can work remote. Is that a game-changer? A vacation wrecker? Are there new expectations that we need to bring our work everywhere from Ketchikan to Cancun? Don’t worry. Salo can help you figure it out.

Before you embark on any future journeys, take this (completely unscientific) quiz to answer this critical question: Should you bring your laptop on vacation?

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