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My Salo Story: Katie Gabriel, Senior Business Development Director

human resource management and talent managementI love to connect with people and build relationships—I think that’s fun. I’m curious about people. I also enjoy solving problems for clients.

After working as a public accountant, I realized I was more energized by the nonbillable parts of my work, and I needed to find a way to do that all the time. Now, I help match our clients who have specific accounting and finance needs with people who choose to consult for a career. I get to coach people along their career journey and help our clients solve their problems—and it’s work I love doing.

Since I’ve been at Salo, I’ve volunteered in India 7 times, Haiti once, did an Ironman, got married, plus a few fun trips on the side.

At Salo everything is about building meaningful relationships — a value that extends into my personal life too. The kids I volunteer with in India wanted my husband and me to be part of their traditions, so we included them in a second full ceremony in India.

I aslo have a side gig as a benefit auctioneer. Salo appreciates and supports that—there are so many facets to each person here.