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Jennifer Hill: When clients are in over there heads, Jennifer is their life jacket

When clients are overwhelmed, Jennifer Hill is ready to help. Here’s her story.

Making an impact

I help people who feel that they are in over their heads. I’m the one who throws the life jacket. I bring calm to their chaos. I’ll take the extra step, do a deep dive, and present all my findings in a visually compelling way.

What I do is like putting puzzles together. I get to be creative by figuring out which pieces go where. I constantly feel like I’m making an impact, so my creative juices keep flowing. I can pick a report or two reports that look different and figure out how they go together. You need creative ability for that. I love to keep going and think of different ways to analyze data.

Making connections

The connections that we have as Salo consultants are great. We are a part of a community. As an independent consultant, you often feel like you don’t belong anywhere. Salo makes sure you do belong. There are people to help you, train you, and develop you. You have a connection here.

As a consultant, you definitely want to change, move, and be able to adapt to different environments. You have to be a lifetime learner, and that means being okay with re-learning things. And at Salo, you have a network of people you can talk to who have different skills you can rely on. You’re not out on a limb by yourself.

Making time for priorities outside of work

I work closely with my church, particularly with a group of girls which we call G4. It’s a mentor group where the girls come every third Saturday, and we teach them how to speak, proper etiquette, how to deal with bullies, mental health concerns, and peer pressure. We work, but we also have a lot of fun.