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Alex Philstrom: Life as a new Salo consultant

Minneapolis HR consultant, Alex Philstrom, tells us what it’s like to be a new consultant.

At Salo, I finally feel like I can embrace my love of change. I found this perfect place to capitalize on my skill set, my love of change, and meeting new people.

Getting on board

The Salo office is happy and fun. When I saw the disco ball in the office, I thought, these are my people. At first, I wasn’t sure what kinds of opportunities there would be for me—there were a lot of unknowns. But everyone was super kind and helpful. I knew from the start they were invested in my career.

When the right engagement came along, they prepped me for the interview and came with me. Then they called and asked what questions they could answer. It became the loveliest hour-long conversation about how to be a great consultant and how that tied back to Salo’s mission and vision. It was so helpful.

Salo’s support

Salo is my support network as well. The business development directors (BDDs) check in to talk about projects and how they’re going—that’s incredibly helpful. There’s been a lot of positive feedback, actually, and they pass along client feedback to me.

Freedom of choice

I work with two senior BDDs at Salo, Sue and Danielle. I thank them, every chance I get for being who they are and being as awesome as they are. Professionally and emotionally, this is the best place I’ve ever worked. Salo has connected me to clients and projects that have been a great fit.

I love that they care about what I’m interested in personally, and I get a choice in which projects I want to take on. When I first started and there were a couple of opportunities that weren’t quite right for me, I felt weird about saying no. But you get to say no—that’s part of it! Salo cares about what I want to work on.

Flexibility and philanthropy

One thing I love about being a consultant is that it lets me do my other philanthropic activities. I tutor every Thursday with Commonbond, serve on the board of Sarah’s An Oasis for Women nonprofit, and volunteer at the Center for Victims of Torture. The fact that Salo encourages that and supports that—and also clients support that—is just great.