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Boost employee engagement with tools you already have

A quick way to boost your team’s engagement is closer than you think.

Does your team need to build connections? Are you starting a new project that requires more collaboration and innovation? Need to hit new marks before quarter end? Maybe all of the above?

Fear not! We believe in you. And you’ve got this.

No, really. You probably already do.

Remember employee personality assessments? Those tests, assessments, and inventories you took when first hired, or joining a new team? They’re probably already sitting around in storage somewhere, patiently containing much insight on how you work…and how you can work better.

Here are three ideas for repurposing these powerful tools to help give you and your team the extra power you need to reach your goals.

Beyond onboarding: personality assessment tools

You’ve probably heard of or completed them in the past: CliftonStrengths, DiSC, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or Love Languages. But just because everyone put up their profiles on their email signatures doesn’t mean it’s over. Whatever assessment you’ve done, the data provided is a powerful engagement tool. Here are three simple ways to use what you already have to energize, engage, and connect with your team.

1. Call in a coach

Say you only paid for the initial tier of the assessment. That’s okay! After everyone’s had a chance to look over their own results again, schedule a coaching session for your own team to see how you function as a group. A coach can offer your team an objective view on the unique skills, preferences and talents they see, plus ideas for how to solve problems, make hard decisions, plan long-term projects, and even stay connected, whether you’re working remote, hybrid or in-person.

Extra credit: Managers can ask coaches for advice about the kinds of recognition each of your team members would really value, then build that insight into year-end milestones and celebrations.

2. Compare and contrast

If your team has completed multiple assessments, you don’t have to pick just one. Put everything out on the table! Every assessment has different framings for what motivates a person—use that to your advantage.

Go deep into what each assessment has to say about the people on your team. Are you working with Introverts with Acts of Service as their Love Language? Activators with high levels of Woo? A Peacemaker who is also an audio learner? Pair people up to talk about their results. Tell stories of how you see the insights from these assessments in both work and off-hours life. Taking time to see each of your people, with all their quirks, hang-ups, and offbeat interests is how you put people first.

Extra Credit: Looking to add new roles to your team? Use these assessment tools to consider what strengths and traits will enhance your existing team.

3. See the whole person

Remember—what you learn from a personality assessment need not be limited to how it might affect work. In fact, a better approach is to look at the whole person, at home and at work, now and in the future. Encourage your team to think about this guidance in all parts of their lives—family, friendships, community involvement. And push them to think about what they were drawn to as children—interests, activities, favorite games they played, too.

This may seem unrelated to work, but it’s deeply connected to people’s internal motivations and natural talents. Making the personal part of your work conversations helps your people think about their future development, both in your organization and in their own careers. Seeing people in this multi-dimensional way sets them up for success, both in the long and short term.

Extra credit: Make a regular practice of mentioning these insights with your team. Start each meeting with a problem—real or textbook—and discuss what strengths and assets everyone has to offer to solve it. Encourage everyone to use this information to inform individual and team goals, as well as end-of-year planning sessions.

Take your team to the next level

Ultimately, strengthening your understanding of the people you work with and manage leads to greater connection. We all, no matter what kind of work we do, want to be seen and acknowledged as individuals. In being aware, open, and intuitive about your people’s abilities, skills, and talents, you are sending a strong message: their contributions matter. In other words, you are putting your people first. And when leaders put their people first, the possibilities for innovation, collaboration, and growth are endless.


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