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Extra! Extra! Stay-at-home secrets of Salo employees REVEALED

Man sitting on the couch working on his laptop

With video meetings all day long, we’re all learning a lot about our colleagues’ home life.

We’ve seen them wrangle their pets, watched them shush their kids, and even spotted messes in their kitchens and home offices (which would have been a scandal if it wasn’t so life-affirming and relatable).

While we do miss the days of driving and wearing a suit and tie, many of us at Salo are getting comfortable and crafty with the new normal of working from home.

So now, we’re sharing the Sal(o)acious tidbits never before seen on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Here’s how our Salo team members have been making the most of their reduced commutes and new workspaces! (Names have been removed to protect the innocent.)

Salo employees’ stay-at home guilty pleasures include:

  • Teaching my cat to fetch during my lunch break
  • Blaring Metallica live in concert while doing my busy work
  • Working without shoes OR socks
  • Eating the food in my kitchen rather than packing it in my work Tupperware
  • Putting on a TV series (that I have already seen) in the background for white noise while I work
  • Taking a workout break at 3:00 in the afternoon (as long as my dog lets me)
  • Having an open window with fresh air blowing on me all day
  • Starting my day by stretching in my stretchy pants while going through email
  • Taking calls outside to enjoy the sun
  • Enjoying the different wildlife in my backyard pond from my kitchen counter