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Hiring: Does culture matter more than the job?

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For prospective employees, culture might be as important as the job description.

Throughout hiring history, we’ve always looked for a strong match between the candidate and the job description. However, today more than ever, candidates can seem more interested in your company’s culture than in the job itself.

How do you ensure you hire an “A” player for both? By polishing up your interview style. Here are our top three tips:

1. Transparency is the new black.

Be ultra-honest about all aspects of the job and your company, including:

  • The role. How repetitive is it? How diverse? Are there cross-functional opportunities? How long will they be expected to serve in the role?
  • The expectations. What are your must-haves as a manager and what will be offered in return?
  • The management style. What guidance, development, and mentorship can you commit to? What’s out of scope? Who’s in the candidate’s corner for support?
  • And of course, the culture. What personalities work well in your organization? What does your brand stand for? How progressive and open to change are you?

2. Get personal about potential

Every job requires specific skills and experience, but most employers would agree it’s a candidate’s character and potential that matter most. Both have ramifications when it comes to culture.

To size up the synergy, think outside the canned questions (“Tell me about a time when…”) and dig deeper:

  • What drives the candidate?
  • What are they most passionate about in their work?
  • What bores them?
  • What makes them feel connected and challenged?

3. Sell your side of the story.

We’ve all seen it. Sometimes the best candidates have the hardest time selling themselves. Now flip that. Are you selling all your company has to offer in an authentic manner? And are you also being frank about the value proposition the role has for the candidate?

In today’s market, top talent is looking for more than a job. They’re seeking a meaningful fit where they can expand their careers and live their values.

Your culture won’t be right for everyone, but it will be perfect for some. Make sure your coveted candidates know why your company is the one to beat.


By: Erin Matushak

Director of Talent