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Consultants can further short-term needs and long-term success

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When a finance or HR leader leaves, don’t panic. Call in a consultant.

When a finance or HR leader leaves your organization, it can cause a sense of panic. After all, it takes a while to fill a high-level, highly skilled role. Questions whirl through your mind: Who will cover the work? What kind of person do we need next? Will we lose other great employees?

Take a deep breath. Consultants can help.

Consultants create space to see opportunities

With a consultant keeping the ship afloat, your organization can focus on the future. Job changes and leaves of absence create opportunities for executives to consider what an ideal future might look like, through an organizational assessment.

For example:

  • Do we have the right controls in place to ensure revenue growth?
  • Do our financial and operational teams have the capacity for an upcoming acquisition?
  • Do we have the right organizational structure to serve clients and customers?
  • Do we have the right leadership mindset to help employees work through upcoming changes?
  • Do we have competitive total rewards packages to attract and retain talent?
  • Does our people strategy support our five-year strategic plan?
  • What impacts will other departments feel if we make changes?

Consultants help now, and leave a lasting impact

An experienced consultant can assist in addressing big-picture questions, as well as filling an interim role recently left by a CHRO or CFO transition. When your daily work includes intense focus on your business, it’s possible to be too close to see potential issues and opportunities. A consultant’s objective lens and fresh perspective might offer exactly what’s needed to help your organization drive to specific and successful results.

There’s a consultant that’s right for your organization

It’s essential to find the right consulting match for your organizational needs—with the just-right mix of subject-matter expertise and breadth of leadership experience. It might be mission-critical to fill a maternity or paternity leave. It might be necessary to add temporary, additional horsepower to a project. Or it might be exploring the potential for reimagining a team.

Start the consulting conversation

At Salo, we have a range of consultants with different industry experience, skill sets, and approaches – we can help you find the right one for your business or team. Connect with Salo if you’re interested in hiring an HR, finance, or accounting consultant to help guide an organizational assessment.