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Become a change expert at Salo

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At Salo, it’s our job to be change experts.

All businesses face change, but at Salo, we embrace it. Unabashedly. Unreservedly. With conviction.

Clients come to us because they want to change their business for the better. Consultants come to Salo because they want to change their career, lifestyle, or both. We are the catalyst that helps those changes come to life.

We apply that expertise to our own company, too

The way we see it:

  • Change allows us to make a difference. Our goal is not just to do work, but to do valuable work.  And, if we want to consistently make a real difference for our clients, consultants, and community; we can’t stand still.
  • Change helps our business grow. We see change as a chance to move our business forward—improving our work and helping us accomplish our goals.
  • Change provides valuable opportunities for employees. As our organization grows and changes, we’re able to provide interesting and fulfilling experiences for our employees.

Some things never change

From our strategic plan to our day-to-day operations, our values guide everything we do—including decisions about change. It’s like cooking a great family recipe—we might try new things to make it better, but the ingredients always stay the same.

Ready for a change?

It’s part of our mission to help employees evolve their careers. If becoming a change expert sounds interesting to you, we’d love to meet you. We’ll spend time discovering your strengths so we can tailor opportunities and experiences to you. If this sounds exciting, contact us to begin your career as a change expert at Salo.