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Introducing “Salo’s guide to People-First workplaces” report

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In today’s market, talent is an organization’s biggest competitive advantage and scarcest resource.

Organizations are looking for ways to attract and keep top talent. So how can organizations get the talent they need? Focus on people. Talented individuals are looking for organizations that understand their needs. Organizations that empower talent have improved creativity, increased employee motivation, more trust in leadership, and are up to 21 percent more profitable1.

Enter Salo’s guide to People-First workplaces.

As a nationwide talent firm, Salo has a unique insight into the business challenges our clients face each year. Based on knowledge collected during our nearly 20 years in the talent industry, the Salo team created a proprietary model designed to help organizations put people first. The model identifies nine key organizational characteristics that are critical for talent and businesses to thrive.

Read our report to find out how your organization could become a People-First workplace.


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