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10 great reasons to join Salo

reason to join salo

What is it like to work at Salo?

We polled our team to learn their favorite things about working here. We included real quotes from colleagues to give you our team’s top ten reasons they enjoy working at Salo.

1. You can make a difference

“Salo has created a company where each individual matters—regardless of their title — and we share a common goal of connecting people to make a difference.” – Talent connections specialist

“It’s a place where you can be yourself and use your skills to make a difference in clients and consultants lives. You are respected, valued and supported.” – HR director

2. We work as a team

“It’s a team-oriented environment where I feel everyone is ‘rowing in the same direction.’ It’s amazing to work on a unique and successful team that is having fun.” – Business development director

3. You’re supported

“Salo is a place that creates an environment where I have a strong support system to continue to learn and grow within my career. There is a high level of trust that allows for people to work in different ways while all still being clear on the direction the company is going as one.  I am supported in both professional and personal development goals while surrounding myself with people I enjoy working with.” – Business development director

4. You have options for growth and opportunity

“I am gaining new skills beyond what my job requires that I don’t think I would have the opportunity to gain at many other places.” – Staff accountant

5. Salo co-workers are the best!

“Being surrounded by passionate and driven individuals that are all working towards the common goals of the company is a breath of fresh air.”– Business development director

“Salo’s energy and professionalism extend from the owners all the way down to the support staff. I feel everyone really cares about me as a consultant, and the business development team tries hard to get me placed.” – Consultant

“The people here are fantastic and I really feel appreciated for the work that I do.” – IT manager

6. We live our values

“This is the first time where I’ve worked for a company that lives and breathes its core values. And those values are so strongly aligned my personal core values.” – Senior executive assistant

7. Relationships matter to us

“Salo is a great place to work because the passion, hard work, and a genuine interest in our clients’ and consultants’ success. We genuinely care about the people we work with.” – Customer experience specialist

8. The culture – have fun doing your best work

“Salo prides itself on its work hard, play hard approach.  We are a community and we inspire each other to do our best work every day.  To me, that’s an attractive workplace.” – Executive assistant

“The fun, crazy culture constantly challenges you in a way that promotes both personal and professional development.” – Business development director

“Salo helps me be the best version of me every day and we have a lot of fun along the way.” – Managing director

 9. You leave work feeling rewarded

“Working at Salo is fun and crazy at the same time, but way more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done before.” – Business development director

10. We always make time for fun!

“When I tell people the best thing about working at Salo, the first thing I mention is that it’s fun. That’s balanced with being a great business. Work hard, play hard.” – Director of finance

To sum it up, one of our team members said it best:

“Salo is a great company that likes to give back and make meaningful connections with individuals. We are a hard-working group of professionals striving to be the best and have fun at the same time! Overall, Salo is a great company to be a part of and to work for.” – Customer experience specialist

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Salo is now part of Korn Ferry

Salo connects senior finance, accounting, and HR professionals with organizations that need their expertise. Joining Korn Ferry’s Interim Executive & Professional practice enables us to continue our twofold, people-focused approach: connecting people with meaningful careers where they can make a positive impact and offering innovative and customized business solutions for clients looking to tackle big challenges. Together with Korn Ferry, we are committed to putting people first, to build a world that works better together.

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Explore meaningful careers

Salo specializes in connecting finance, accounting, and HR experts with meaningful work. We know that being empowered to pursue work that matters means endless career possibilities. Therefore, we find roles tailored to your interests and goals, whether you want to advance your career, mentor and lead teams, innovate and collaborate with new partners, or work with clients of all sizes across industries. Find out how we can be your career partners.

Looking for a meaningful career? Learn more here.

Solve business needs

Combining Korn Ferry’s global reach with Salo’s customized client approach means we’re able to deliver world-class service to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Because our people have functional backgrounds in finance, accounting, and HR, we have a holistic understanding of your business needs and challenges. Our pool of executive and professional talent is uniquely motivated to do the best work they can. No matter your business talent need, we are your trusted partner.

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