Your goal

Balancing work and life over the summer holidays

Four Salo consultants offer their tips for managing work, life, and summer vacations.

The extraordinary power of workplace celebrations

When regularly you celebrate achievements—small and large—your business reaps the benefits.

Job loss or newfound freedom? 4 tips for finding work you’ll love

Job loss is hard. Learn four ways to keep positive as you navigate your next move.

Celebrating long overdue milestones: The impact of women in the c-suite 

Take a moment to celebrate how women in the c-suite are building successful, thriving businesses by putting people first.

10 unique (and easy) ways to motivate employees

Learn what motivates employees, with 10 easy tactics you might not expect.

Meet six women leaders at Salo

Check out insights and advice from six exceptional Salo leaders.

Overcoming loneliness at work

The loneliness epidemic has reached the workplace. See what you can do to overcome it.

Who’s taking care of HR? 6 ways to better support HR teams 

Taking care of your HR teams is more important than ever. Learn 6 ways to better support this vital business function.

How to make workplace wellness programs work

Learn 5 reasons employees don’t participate in wellness programs (and what to do about them).

Webinar: Why being People-First is good for business

Looking for transformational change? Learn why being People-First is good for business.

Want to keep your talent happy in 2023? Start here.

Want keep your people happy? Check out our top talent management tips for 2023.

Yes, you can come back to work after a career break (a pep talk) 

Returning to work? Here’s everything you really need to know.

2021 top 10 year in review

Salo’s top 10 most-read articles of 2022

Check out our top 10 articles in 2022, according to our LinkedIn audience.

Hiring consultants: A guide

Get Salo’s best tips for hiring consultants confidently.

Salo’s Special Sauce: A recipe for a great workplace

After 20 years, we share our tried-and-true recipe for a People-first workplace.

Boost employee engagement with tools you already have

A quick way to boost your team’s engagement is closer than you think.

Decisions, decisions: Give your employees decision-making power

When you replace control with empowerment, everyone benefits.

Strengthening team connections in a remote world

Help your team flourish across time zones and workspaces

Embracing hybrid work? Here are some hints to help you succeed.

How to hybrid: Productivity skills for hybrid work  

Get 10 tips for being productive in a hybrid workplace.

burnout blog

Cease fire: Helping your people overcome burnout

Find out how managers can refuel and reenergize their teams.

CFO perspective

A process, not a product: What’s next for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace 

Three experts offer tips for keeping DEI efforts moving forward.

salo compass

Into the unknown: Taking the leap from public accounting into industry

Considering leaving public accounting? Read this first.

How to find happiness in the workplace

To feel satisfied at work, try thinking of “happiness” in a new way.

Manager effectiveness

Help front-line managers lead with an exciting new tool from Salo

Get the People-first Manager Index (PFMI), a tool that reverses accountability and empowers employees to improve manager effectiveness.

Tooting your own horn: 7 savvy ways to demonstrate your value at work

When it’s done well, selling yourself isn’t boasting—it’s a strategic career move.

blog image

Trust is a three-way street: Cultivating trust in dispersed teams

How do you build trust between managers, employees, and colleagues when your team is hybrid or remote?

2021 top 10 year in review

Salo’s year in review

Check out our top 10 articles in 2021 according to our LinkedIn audience

CFO perspective

What CFOs say about the changing landscape of finance talent

See what two CFOs (and Salo clients) have to say about finance careers today and in the future.

How to find a job that matches your values (and why that’s important)

See the 6 steps to finding the perfect job based on your workplace values.

colleen great resignation

The Great Resignation: It’s not about quitting

Learn about the 5 factors behind the “Great Resignation” and what you should do next.

orange lady

Here’s to the people who are making The Great Resignation great.

The Great Resignation is movement for progress, and you can help redefine workplace success.

two men sitting and talking

Salo’s guide to CEO succession planning

Arguably, no factor has a greater impact on a company’s success than the selection of a new CEO. Is your organization ready?

6 practices

6 practices of outstanding board chairs

Learn about board chair behaviors that increase board effectiveness.

ceo onboarding

Considering consulting? Check out our guide.

Is consulting right for you? This Salo guide can help you decide.

career change

How to change your career at any age

Get tips for changing careers, whether you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60.

people first featured image

Introducing “Salo’s guide to People-First workplaces” report

Want to attract top talent? Learn about Salo’s proprietary people-first workplace model in this landmark report.

10 ways to hack the talent shortage

10 ways to hack the talent shortage

Get the insider knowledge you needed to hack the talent shortage and come out on top.

retention image

Employee retention: Conversations that make a difference

Go beyond “stay interviews” and have more meaningful talent retention conversations.

Managing modern talent: An exercise in flexibility

Get examples of how leadership flexibility leads to better business outcomes and more satisfied talent.

6 key steps in CEO succession planning

5 key steps in CEO succession planning

Learn about Salo’s 5-step model for succession planning success.

People first workplaces

The Age of Talent is here: Are you ready?

To attract or keep talent in this new environment, smart organizations will need to create a people-first strategy.

Salo logo and accent element against light blue background

Talkin’ about an evolution

There are exciting changes happening at Salo! Learn what’s up from our CEO, Lisa Brezonik.

Technology finance: The bridge between IT and finance

What happens when finance pros join IT departments? It’s a win for everyone!

planning a project

Planning an HR technology project? Read this first.

Top tips for successful HR technology implementations

taking control (image)

Taking control: The rise of controllers in mid-sized organizations

Find out why controllers are some of today’s most in-demand finance professionals.

10 ways to interrupt bias in the workplace

How do you reduce bias in the workplace? You interrupt it.

Woman with glasses sitting in chair facing the camera

Job profiles that attract indispensable talent

Get tips (and a handy worksheet) to help you write job profiles that attract top talent.

Group of women looking at computer

This Women’s History Month, let’s make history

Salo’s CEO, Lisa Brezonik, challenges women (and men) to redefine the way we work.

Salo Lady Leader

Get to know six women leaders at Salo

Check out insights and advice from six fierce female Salo leaders!

Woman sitting in hammock and working on computer

Should you bring your laptop on vacation? A quiz

The next time you go on vacation, should you bring your work laptop along? Take this quiz to find out.

Lessons learned: Dealing with unexpected organizational change

Get 5 lessons learned from dealing with unexpected change—from the Salo team … and The Brady Bunch.

Culture shock: Rethinking workplace culture

The last few years have brought employees’ needs to the forefront of workplace culture. Find out why it should stay that way.

The importance of workplace empathy

Learn 10 ways to encourage empathy in the workplace.

Man smiling looking away from camera

C’mon get happy: 5 ways to increase positivity at work

We all spend a lot of time at work. Let’s make the best of it.

Woman in a polka dot shirt smiling

Today is the tomorrow we’ve been waiting for

It’s the first workday of 2021. Salo’s CEO tells us why now is the time for optimism.

Two guys cheersing their drinks

2020: Positive lessons from a rotten year

2020 wasn’t all bad. Hear about 2020’s positives from our clients and consultants.

Group of people wearing masks on a call with people over the computer

The key to a healthy business in 2021

Learn how to ace your strategy for planning, people, and culture in 2021.

Woman and daughter dressed festively waving hello to the computer

Do the Hustle: How to stay sane during the year-end madness

Get a few ideas to help you make the end-of-year madness manageable.

Tired man working on his computer

Employee development: An invitation for inspiration

Does inspiring your team seem like an uphill battle? Employee development is an excellent motivator.

Looking down on woman working and guy playing yard game

Are you ready for a career change? A quiz

The Clash put it best: “Should I stay or should I go?” This quiz can help you decide.

Man sitting on a red chair fixing his shirt

You’ve got personality! Find a career that matches it

Want a job that fills your “energy bucket” instead of draining it? Find a career that fits your personality.

Woman working on computer and gazing off in thought

Career development: Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Your future is waiting. Learn 4 basic strategies for growing your career.

Group of people sitting at a table reading and talking through a piece of paper

Welcome to the era of HR

The pandemic shined a light on HR’s value. Find out why in this interview with CHROs Christine Moore (Allina Health) and Sarah Strehl (ECMC Group).

Guy wearing a facemask and working on the computer

The future of finance and accounting roles, part 2

Wondering how to future-proof your finance or accounting career? Salo’s Allie Davis has some ideas. 

Group of people dressed as Scooby Doo characters for Halloween

Tips for successful employee engagement events: Halloween edition

Learn the tricks Salo uses to make employee engagement a real treat for employees.

man on laptop

Overcoming overworking: 15 tips for taking back your life

All work and no play makes you… totally burned out. Check out these tips from Salo’s Allie Davis on how to tame your workaholic tendencies.

Woman working on budget with computer and calculator

5 tips for an effective budgeting process

Wondering how to create a budget when the world is so unpredictable? These 5 tips from a CFO can help.

Woman working on computer and sitting next to her daughter

Making the (business) case for work-life balance to your boss

Now is the perfect time to request workplace changes that enhance work-life balance.

Man sitting on chair writing talking to woman sitting on the ground who is working on her computer

Struggling with work-life balance? Try work-life integration

Learn to combine work, home, community, and self in a healthy way.

Two people smiling at each other

Hiring consultants during a crisis: Myth vs. facts

In this article, we bust four common myths about hiring consultants when a crisis strikes.

Woman working on her computer

Fact and fiction: Myths about the gig economy

Think the gig economy is just about side hustles? Think again.

Group of people talking

Quiz: Is Salo the right HR or finance partner for your company?

Looking for top talent? Take this quiz to find out if Salo can help you find the right talent resources for your organization.

Group of men talking

What kind of business leadership style is most effective?

When it comes to leadership styles, are you #teamhumble or #teamcharisma?

Overhead image of two guys putting in an office environment

25 fun ideas for teambuilding and connection with remote teams

Salo provides 25 fun and (and fairly easy) ways to keep your team engaged and connected while working remotely.

Woman with glasses facing the camera

Focusing on the future: Sparking hope in your organization

It’s been a long few months and employees are burned out. Find out how you can bring hope back to your business.

salo bdds

Salo BDDs: A strategic asset to HR and finance leaders

Salo’s BDDs (business development directors) do a lot more than sales. Learn more about this innovative role.

Woman sitting on chair holding glasses and a red book

Why your organization should invest in trust

What is trust, exactly? And, why should organizations invest in it? Find out in this article.

unmotivated blog img

6 ways to stay motivated and put the power back in willpower

Lacking motivation and willpower at work lately? Here’s some easy ways to do something about it.

Guy running past group of people sitting and dropping his papers

Agile or adaptive? Your business needs both

Your organization needs both agility and adaptiveness to thrive. Learn about the difference between them in this article from Salo’s Allie Davis.

hand typing on a laptop

Virtual reality: How to ace an online job interview

Learn best practices for virtual job interviews in this article.

era of adaptability

The importance of consultants in the post-COVID workplace

Find out why contingent consultants will be high demand in the next era of business.

employee stressed out

Your employees are stressed out. You can help.

Stress? We all have it. Managers are in a unique position to help. Learn how to alleviate work-related stress for your team.

man on laptop

Virtual job interviews: Even better than the real thing

Check out this article to learn about the advantages of virtual interviews and tips for making them successful.

smiling man wearing glasses and yellow sweater sitting on floor in front of sofa working on a laptop

Now’s the time to explore new careers and skills. Really, it is.

It’s (always) a good time to envision your future career and acquire the skills you’ll need to get there. Find out how to get started.

girl managing team

A leader’s guide to delivering tough news

Although giving your team bad news is never going to be easy, here are a few ways to make the process as smooth and supportive as possible.

Role reversal: Challenging the roles of consultants and employees

Consultants are often hired to do special projects, while employees focus on their normal jobs. But what happens if the roles are reversed?

person working on laptop

When the work still needs to get done: Managing through a crisis

A crisis makes it hard to focus on day-to-day work. As a manager, you can alleviate stress and help your team stay productive.

SALO 2020 Kickoff Lauren

Consultants can further short-term needs and long-term success

Consulting is often about filling a critical role on an interim basis, but the experienced consultants can also offer unique, external perspectives to help objectively answer the big-picture questions of an organizational assessment. Check out more in this article from Salo’s Daniel Newham.

Considering consulting? Your top 10 questions answered

Get answers to the top 10 questions people ask when considering consulting.


3 things your company can do to succeed in the changing workforce

Learn about key changes organizations need to make to succeed in a market increasingly fueled by experienced contingent workers.

Experienced consultants: Superheroes without capes

Business “emergencies” happen all the time. And, luckily, there really are superheroes who can come to the rescue: Experienced consultants.

The right fit—how to integrate into client teams as a consultant

Whether you’re in middle school or middle age, assimilating with a new set of peers can feel a bit daunting. However, when you’re a consultant, it’s part of every project. Check here for their top tips for making a smooth transition to a new team.

Hey Gen-X: It’s the perfect time to try consulting

Whether you dislike your job or just seem stuck on autopilot; it’s easy to get discouraged. The good news is: You have choices, including consulting.

HR consultant connecting

How to stay connected as an HR consultant

Having peers is important to your career and mental health. Luckily, there are ways you can be a consultant and have a professional community, too.

Three employees discussing about work

After a year: 3 things that surprise new finance consultants

Ever wonder what it would be like to leave a corporate job to become a finance consultant? See what surprised our first-year consultants.

Finance roles will be very different in 10 years. How to prepare.

Find out what can finance pros do today to be marketable in the future.

Nick M Headshot

My Salo Story: Nick Marvin – Business Development Director

Nick was no longer willing to tolerate a job that didn’t fulfill him. He committed to making a change and he found the right fit as a Salo BDD,

Nikki Kietzer

My Salo Story: Nikki Kietzer, Sales Director, Human Resources

Salo supported my career change from internal HR to sales and it’s been very rewarding.

human resource consulting firms chicago

My Salo Story: Richard Walch, Business Development Director

It’s rewarding when I call a client and they tell me they couldn’t do their job without our consultant. That adds value in a really meaningful way.

Image of man talking during a meeting

Connecting across cultures: My experience as a consultant in a diverse workforce

How do we effectively build relationships and lead teams that cross cultures and generations?

Woman's business photo

Become a change expert at Salo

All businesses face change, but at Salo, we embrace it. Unabashedly. Unreservedly. With conviction.

human resources outsourcing services

We’re on a mission to make a difference

See how our employees live our mission — connecting and empowering people to make a difference — every day.

reason to join salo

10 great reasons to join Salo

What is it like to work at Salo? We polled our team to learn their favorite things about working here.

Is consulting right for me?

5 tips to help you decide if consulting is right for you.

Matt Berra - Business Development Director

My Salo Story: Matt Berra, Business Development Director

What gets me out of bed every morning is the people who look to me to go out and find meaningful work.

human resource management and talent management

My Salo Story: Katie Gabriel, Senior Business Development Director

I love to connect with people and build relationships—I think that’s fun. I’m curious about people. I also enjoy solving problems for clients. – Katie Gabriel, business development director: Minneapolis

human resources outsourcing services

Alex Philstrom: Life as a new Salo consultant

I finally feel like I can embrace my love of change. I found this perfect place to capitalize on my skill set, my love of change and meeting new people.

Image of hands working on computer and red notebook

Avoiding an ERP apocalypse

When you’re on the verge of an ERP implementation., and a big-name integrator hands you a work plan; oftentimes you realize that even an army of integrators needs a lot of support.

Two people sitting and talking and a woman walking past them holding folder

Ready, Set, IPO: How to prepare your team to go public

More companies are heading to the stock market as initial public offerings begin to rebound. In 2017, global IPO markets saw the highest first quarter IPO numbers since 2007. Could an IPO be in your company’s future?

Woman sitting on red chair and looking off to the right

Becoming a consultant

Salo Talent Connection Director, Colleen Frankwitz, talks about what it’s really like to become a consultant.

Mastering the art of networking

Networking is a key component in developing yourself and your business. Get tips on how you can hone your skills and become a superconnector.

Man and woman dressed professionally facing the camera

Effective leadership: It’s all about your people

Want to develop effective leadership qualities that accelerate opportunity for your business? Here are three strategies to consider.

group of people in a meeting discussing designs

Hiring: Does culture matter more than the job?

Companies always look for a strong match between the candidate and the job description. But increasingly, candidates are seeking out a company culture that’s also a fit for them.

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