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Being a Salo Expert™ consultant gives you freedom and flexibility. You get to pick the kind of work you want to do, where you’ll work, and when you want to do it. Unlike an HR staffing agency or HR recruiting company, our goal isn’t getting you a one-time gig. Our goal is helping you build a rewarding, meaningful consulting career that leads to the lifestyle you want.

Interested? The Salo talent team will help you every step of the way.

Are you a Salo Expert consultant?

As a consultant there’s no defined job description. Each engagement is unique. Some consultants are former CHROs or directors. Others have specialized areas of expertise—from talent development and employee relations to total rewards and compensation.

We look for HR professionals with at least 10 years of HR experience who are:

  • Problem solvers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Adaptable collaborators
  • Voracious learners
  • Fast relationship-builders

Learn more about what it takes to be a Salo consultant in our Consulting Guide.

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Sample engagements: What the work is like

Here are just a few of the hundreds of diverse HR roles our consultants take on.

Salo’s director of HR consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the HR function. They often have direct responsibility for leading day-to-day HR activities. They also partner with functions across the organization to drive people- or culture-focused initiatives, programs, and activities. Just a few of the tasks they can take on are:

  • Leading teams
  • Managing talent and talent development
  • Supporting strategic leadership initiatives
  • Developing performance management strategies
  • Overseeing employee relations
  • Spearheading organizational development/design
  • Managing projects

Our senior recruiter consultants are experts in creating lasting relationships—with job candidates and people within your organization. They’ll work with hiring managers across the business to define talent needs, engage talent in creative ways, and faithfully represent your employer brand. The result: a pipeline of qualified candidates. Some of the ways they can help your talent function succeed include:

  • Developing a sourcing strategy
  • Screening, assessing, and interviewing candidates
  • Guiding hiring managers through the recruitment process
  • Managing (and improving) performance metrics including time to hire, time to fill roles, retention, and quality of hires

Our compensation experts understand the intricacies of compensation strategy. They provide a full range of compensation skills—from program design and administration to research, collection, and analysis of relevant data for decision making. Our subject matter experts help their clients thrive by:

  • Creating compensation proposals for new hires
  • Designing the performance compensation philosophy/policies
  • Implementing the annual compensation/merit review process
  • Ensuring consistency, internal equity, and external market competitiveness
  • Staying compliant with compensation policies, guidelines, and procedures
  • Managing incentives and quarterly payment plans
  • Annual planning and benchmarking

Our director of total rewards consultants are ready to help you develop and/or implement total reward strategies that attract and retain talent. They can help clients by:

  • Using market-based data to create practices that ensure ongoing internal equity and external competitiveness
  • Managing total rewards operations areas, such as compensation, benefits, wellness, incentives, policy administration, and human capital management systems
  • Developing and deploying comprehensive communications that help every employee understands their compensation package

Benefits and amenities

As a Salo consultant, we’ll consider you one of our employees. You’ll have access to benefits that professionals expect from employers, such as:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Career planning and mentoring
  • Education and networking events
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To be (or not to be) a consultant? That is the question.

Consulting is an exciting career choice for people who crave flexibility, new experiences, and challenging work. But, it’s not for everyone. We want you to make the best career choice for your life. Let’s find out if consulting is a fit for you.

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