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Sarah Brown: Variety is the spice of life (and a career) 


My Salo is growth through distinctive experiences.

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Public accounting careers are pretty predictable. The work has a cyclical pattern, and the career path is clear. Everything adds up reliably—just like the numbers in a company’s financial statements. So, when it’s time to move out of public accounting, it can be hard to choose the next step.

Salo Compass™ helps CPAs, like Sarah Brown, make the transition. Sarah says, “After public accounting, I wanted to try on jobs without the commitment. I knew I wanted to use my degree, but I wasn’t sure where would be the best fit for me.”

Salo Compass let me try a variety of options

My manager from PwC referred me to Salo Compass and the rest was history! The ability to see and learn about different industries was awesome. I primarily worked on financial services audits while I was in public accounting. With Compass, I gained experience in logistics, sustainable forestry, government contracting, medical devices, and educational technology. What variety!!

The Compass program was a great fit

The nature of the program makes you extremely adaptable to new situations. I felt myself becoming a lot more comfortable living in ambiguity and learning new things quickly.

Compass led to my permanent role

One of my Compass assignments was working at an education technology company. My time there was great. Not only was the work interesting and complex, but the people and the environment were friendly and exciting. It was enjoyable to work there. I realized it was somewhere I could thrive professionally and also personally. So, when my Compass assignment was done, I was excited to start a new role there.

What advice would I give to someone looking to join Compass?

Do it. I don’t think I would have ever heard about (or been able to get) my job if it wasn’t for the Compass program. I am so grateful!

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