Passion unlocks possible

Our team is passionate about many areas of social impact—from diversity and women in the workplace to mentoring emerging professionals and sustainability.

Each year, we select a few social initiatives to focus on. We choose timely issues that are important to our community and can benefit from our company’s skillset. This year we’re focusing on racial equality and addressing socio-economic barriers that hinder workplace equity and opportunities.

Our commitment to diversity

It takes inclusive workplaces and diverse teams to achieve the business outcomes that matter most. We’re empowering positive change by:

  • Committing to engaging, recruiting, and retaining people who represent difference of all kinds—such as race, gender, work style, and diversity of thought.
  • Addressing the barriers that have hindered traditionally underrepresented people from growth, retention, and promotion within the workplace.
  • Actively implementing measurable goals and strategies to support a diverse team, including:
    • Recruiting and retention
    • Cultural behaviors, practices, and policies
    • Policies to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Business and community partnerships

Everyone on our team is on board

Each member of the Salo team has personal DEI goals. For 2021, these goals focus on intentionally strengthening partnerships with vendors, associations, and community organizations who are committed to empowering and supporting BIPOC groups.

Additionally, some of our team members are literally on boards (of directors) for local non-profits. In fact, we encourage our leadership team members to serve on non-profit boards to get new perspectives and participate in the community. Each leader is allocated time and funds to support causes that are important to them. For example, Lisa Brezonik (CEO) is on the board of Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, Dave Rust (CFO) is on The Sanneh Foundation board, and Nick Gust (COO) is a board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.

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